Inline coherent imaging (ICI) from Laser Depth Dynamics is the ideal process monitoring and control technology for laser welding, drilling and ablation. ICI yields unprecedented images of the interaction region in a wide variety of laser processing applications. Laser Depth Dynamics instruments are completely immune to blinding by the process beam, plasma or other sources. Our systems can deliver high-resolution, high-speed depth images of the entire process region, including the inside of the keyhole. On-line image analysis is possible, along with the ability to provide real-time feedback control of height, laser power and more.

These imaging capabilities are achieved through the existing laser head optics. In most cases, the only modification required at the laser head is a small bolt-on module at the camera port to connect the ICI fibre. The imaging instrument itself, and the operator’s computer console, can be placed in any convenient location outside the enclosure.


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