It is with great pleasure that we learned Prof. Art McDonald from our alma mater, Queen’s University will share the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his team’s experiments that, together with results from Japan’s Superkamiokande experiment, proved that neutrinos oscillate between different flavours and therefore must have mass. This is another very important milestone in our understanding of the cosmos and reminds us all of the importance of basic research. The prosperity of future generations of people and companies alike depends on these kinds of advances taking place, sometimes long before a direct, practical application in our daily lives is conceived. LDD joins the rest of the Kingston science community in extending our sincerest congratulations and wishing the SNOLAB community the very best of success as they continue to search for the nature of dark matter and the answers to many other important questions about our universe.

You can learn more about this great achievement at:

The Nobel Prize Committee’s primer for the general public

You can also hear Prof. McDonald explain the discovery in his own words in this video: