Head Interfaces

Small package. Big Capability

Head Integration

The LD-600 head interface is designed to punch above its weight, adding the versatility of ICI to your process head with minimal bulk. Our compact 3D module attaches to the camera port. The rest of the imaging system is located outside of the process cell. You get the full capability of ICI—multi-factor monitoring that would otherwise require several different instruments—with one simple addition.


The latest generation welding head from Laser Mechanisms is the only processing optic on the market that’s designed for native compatibility with ICI. The LD-600 head interface bolts on directly, and internal optics are optimized to provide seamless performance right out of the box.

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Custom Solutions

Head not on the list? Just ask.

LDD can design and manufacture custom head interfaces for laser systems that are not supported by our stock adapters. We will work with your engineers to determine the best way to introduce the ICI beam on your existing or in-design hardware.