LDD-700 Imaging System

The LDD-700-AL is LDD’s flagship inline coherent imaging system. This instrument, when combined with a 3D Module, offers the full range of ICI capabilities.

Compact Head Interface

Active beam pointing fits most industrial welding heads.

Rackmount Imaging Module

Processes optical signals and houses I/O for PLC communication.

System Integrated Computer

Runs LDD’s custom monitoring and control software.

LDD-700 Imaging System

For application development, research and academic study of industrial laser processes, the LDD-700-AL is your ultimate multi-purpose instrument.

Capable of seeing through the blinding process beam and plasma, the LD-700 can image the interaction region of your laser process with a sampling rate up to 300 kHz.

Whether you need real-time laser depth measurement and feedback, instant weld QC metrics, hundred-megapixel images of your process dynamics at tens-of-microns resolution, through-the-lens autofocus and seam tracking, or more, the LDD-700-AL can do it all.

3D Module

The 3D Module head interface enables your LDD-700 to steer the imaging beam in real time. It is compact and lightweight, often taking up no more space than the inline camera it replaces.

  • Easy on-line alignment
  • 3D imaging through the laser head optics
  • Surface height compensation simultaneous with other imaging modes
  • Seam tracking
  • Measurement of the regions around the process beam (keyhole profiling, melt pool dynamics, etc.)
  • Live 3D viewing (replaces an inline video camera)
  • Surface profile & point cloud image export to standard spreadsheet & CAD formats