As of December 2017, Laser Depth Dynamics is now IPG Photonics Canada.

IPG OmniWELD 5 monitoring modes pictured measuring before, within and behind a keyhole weld.

See your process in a new light

The LDD weld monitor allows you to look inside your laser weld in real-time, providing critical weld quality metrics such as penetration depth and finished weld surface inspection.

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Keyhole Depth

See inside your weld. Reduce or eliminate destructive tests by capturing a detailed digital record of weld penetration.

Seam Profile

Follow the right path. Trace the seam position ahead of the weld to catch errors in fit-up. Adjust the laser path on the fly to keep welds on target.

Workpiece Height

Stay in focus. Detect changes in working distance that can bring your process out of spec. Control head offset to correct for warp and runout.

Weld Bead Profile

Analyze the surface. Inspect across the finish weld surface for bead width, edge undercut and overfill.

Weld Bead Height

Verify the results. Scan the finished weld seam height to flag surface defects like blowouts, pits and underfill.